Iceland: Footsteps of Giants

Iceland: Footsteps of Giants!

Here we go!

After what seems like……A long old time……Andy*, Ian and Neil have finally got round to packing all that lovely camera kit into peli cases ready for the first filming trip to Iceland.

A special award goes to Andy who managed to buy energy bars which strongly resembled something that a labrador would leave behind during morning walkies! They tasted as bad as they looked.  Not surprisingly Ian ate the whole bar. Well, most of it, at least 40% of that nutritious bar ended up lodged in his beard.

The red bull flavoured triple caffeine powered turbo giant jelly beans tasted much better and probably contributed to Neils and Andy’s odd dance hall movements in that photo. Strong. 330B1637

Thats only a bit of our kit the other 24 cases are tucked up in the smallest van in the world.  We are still scratching our heads as to how we fitted 30 peli cases, soft bags, Jib, hot head and Neil’s collection of Barry Manilow CDs into that van…..


Neil’s, Barry Mailow CD collection takes up a lot of space.

Hang on. Where did Andy* go?

After noticing andy had disappeared, Neil and Ian carried on doing all the hard work. On re packing the tripod case we noticed a few items stashed inside…..Hidden like some contraband, a fly fishing rod and other fly fishing paraphernalia.  Tut tut Andy like no one would notice!

In other news, The film is being shot on the F55 which is lovely bit of kit and we are all looking forward to putting it through its paces and seeing what it can do. Neil is not allowed a go on the F55 until he apologises publicly for wearing those weird red shoes he had on today which resembled a tomato sauce pasty held together with elastic bands.

Iceland: Temperature up North has been a cold minus 30 on a few rare occasions of late and the North has also seen a large volume of snow dumping. It will be fun as we are heading up North. Fingers crossed for a spectacular display of Aurora Borealis as we head round Iceland.

Much more to follow soon

One thought on “Iceland: Footsteps of Giants

  1. stepsofgiants Post author

    whilst I have to fess up to the smuggling of fishing paraphernalia inside the filming kit, I should point out that this is partly guilt driven…Having forced Ian and Neil to eat dried dog food for the next few weeks to “save money” I thought it best to provide them with at least the means for getting fresh food. As it turns out, neither of them like fish, Neil will be forced to eat the crumbs from Ians beard methinks.


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