a dongly bit

so whilst the producer (me, Andy) is sitting quietly at home in foggy Somerset, the rest of the crew (Ian and Neil) are enjoying themselves in some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. Mind you, they are on “expedition” rations so I don’t fancy sharing a van or tent with them anyway…

Not content with that, my evening peace is shattered by a FaceTime call (one of the few Ive ever received) and suddenly Ians face furniture is all over my phone “we can’t get the dongle to work” he says (with the odd expletive thrown in) “they given us a PC one, not Mac”

so you’ve  got a post about adventures in Iceland posted from a cottage in Somerset tonight, the weird wonders of the technology eh, so enjoy some pics of their previous couple of days filming the amazing waterfalls of Godafoss (Waterfall of the Gods) and Dittafoss (of “Prometheus” fame).

more on its way when Team Muppet work out how to use the kit…Image


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