So far. So, ok?

_MG_2280We like Iceland. Everyone is very calm, nothing’s a problem, its all cool and the gang. The roads are covered in snow. So what! Get the tractor out and clear it, or drive as fast as you can and plough your way into it. Or wait a day for the snow ploughs to clear the way. As Raggy said to us this week (we are Kipping at his hotel in Myvatn) We just get on with it.

Raggy took Neil and Ian out the other day to a filming location. We needed a super truck to get us through the snow and he has one of those massive 4x4s with enormous tyres. So off we went, about an hour or so, into the journey we saw a Volvo stuck in a drift. Raggy laughed and said it was the ring road inspector, he checks the conditions of road one which circles the island. The conditions up North have been interesting. Even the locals have said there has been a lot more snow than usual. Raggy towed the volvo out the drift and off we all went.

One of the many good things about Iceland is that it is so tuned into technology and nature, the websites for travel, seismological data, avalanche warnings, road closures, weather, etc, etc are brilliant. So long as you can get a Dongle to work ******* thing.


We are always amazed by other countries weather. The weather in North Iceland has been so changeable, bright blue sky, to freezing wind which instantly freezes any moisture on the cameras and our hands! Then it will just go white out, snow and sky become a sheet of a4 paper. Beautiful. Clouds and fog roll in and change the view within minutes. It is certainly unpredictable.

Lots of tourists at Myvatn today. Its funny watching bus loads of people get out and look at the boiling, bubbling mud and steam take a photo and get back in the bus. Perhaps its the smell of sulphur or they are just not that impressed. Either way they don’t seem to appreciate the detail! We do. We could and did spend hours filming the steam and mud. Happy as pigs in…


Ian seems to like the smell of rotten egg

Those that stayed on the bus missed a stunning display, if only they opened their eyes for a few seconds more. One tourist had a purple full length fur coat on. But at least for all his fashion faux par he did spend ages taking snaps of mud! Good on him…..

Anyway thats roughly it today apart from to say the macaroni cheese survival food is really quite tasty! The spicy beef rice however is to be avoided at all costs. Ian suffered the consequences, lets put it that way.

Thumbs up for eggs20140314-210840.jpg

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