Hotdog days

Its been a funny old day today. Weather a bit dull for filming so, we sat in the van eating hotdogs. Counting down the days to when Andy the boss gets here and does his share of carrying that flipping O’connor tripod head.

We are leaving the Myvatn area and starting to head up towards Isafjordur. If you are planning a trip to Iceland, we would recommend a trip up here, its stunning and everyone has been great. Things to look lout for! Kraftla power station is really cool, Myvatn lakes are stunning, even when frozen, beautiful flocks of snow bunting around most farms (photo below), a few rare ducks, and the hardy old Viking Horse at every farm. The air is so, so fresh and the views when the sun shines are beautiful and the patterns and details in the landscape are brilliant.

Sorry, we digress! back to the d o g s


The best hot dog award so far with out a shadow of a doubt goes to the very nice lady at the Cafe near Godafoss waterfall in North Iceland.

We ate 4. In about 2 minutes. She makes a fine HD! 


If you are passing then pop in a grab one with crispy onions and then sit and watch the wondrous waterfall next door.

Ian has eaten some odd things in the past on his various filming trips around the world. However his diet on this trip is a bizarre mix of very high energy jelly beans, coffee, massive calorific freeze dried food packs and these odd jelly lumps and lots of hotdogs. He’s gone a bit mental. I won’t post a photo of his face for fear of upsetting any regular readers so instead here are some of the those plucky little Snow Buntings. 330B9247

Neil, went off to the hot springs yesterday and left Ian to do all the hard work again. However fate delivers a even hand! whilst Neil was out pampering his delicate soft skin, Ian who was working away, bumped into a lovely couple from Taiwan who are touring Iceland for a few weeks. They invited Ian for some food. A beautiful spicy noodle soup on a cold evening was just what was needed for that bearded old thing.

When poor Neil arrived back from his pampering session and moaned about  cooking up a freeze dried ready meal and asked if he would like one?

Ian pointed to the empty bowl with a big smile. Neil’s face was a picture!

Listen to us! like the hairy bikers, banging on about food and such stuff. Here is a quick i phone clipsy of Godafoss as we past today.

In other news! Neil got the F-ing dongle to work after weeks of Ian hitting it against his head and throwing it out the window. It works……

Other stuff. A wildlife Camera legend is out in Iceland at the moment. Mr Warwick Sloss……One of the greats and a bloody good chap.

He is out with a very nice film stills camera to photograph Iceland in his own unique way. Here is his website  to paste in your browser

The photo of a handsome man with a moustache is actually Ian, before he went feral. Check out Warwick’s stuff its proper lush.


Cheers look.

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