Waiting Game

We are stuck in Holmavik, due to bad weather and road closures. We will eventually get to Isafjodur then via boat to the film the beautiful arctic Fox but for the time being it is a bit of a waiting game. Luckily for us there is a witchcraft and sorcery museum to visit to keep us busy and up to date with that side of things. We are staying in a guest house which has a big selection of Icelandic romantic novels to read which Neil is really happy about. So all in all not too bad! Sadly it is way to windy to film anything. We are joined in the guest house by an American couple who had to be rescued from a car yesterday when it became stuck in bad weather. The rescue/response teams out here are great, and they had nothing but praise and kind words about the Icelanders who helped them out and back to safety. In the harbour a small raft of 20 male and female common Eider, effortlessly ride out the huge gusts of icy wind, a hardy and lovely bird, which we will be filming later in the year.

Thats it for now.



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