Humpbacks, seals and a homemade coffee cup

Eagled eyed Neil Anderson!
He does it again with a great spot about 100m off shore from Jokulsarlon ice lagoon a Humpback whale feeding on capelin amongst thousands of gulls, gannets, skua, ravens, common eiders, and three King eiders. A rare and special sighting so close to shore. Sadly a touch to far for the filming capability of the lens we have, but none the less a real treat to be able to sit back and watch a behemoth plough up and down amongst the swirl of crashing waves, ocean spray, icebergs, black volcanic sands and wonderful birds feasting on those little Capelin as seen below.


The coast line at the Jokulsarlon area is stunning. The pure black beaches are littered with chunks of ice, released from mighty Vatnajokul glacier, some are as big as a car, some as small, beautiful and intricate as a diamond.

It is fantastic to watch the ocean pound and smash into them and carve them into such unique and wonderful, colourful little sculptures. So many patterns, hues of colour, shapes and possibilities, a really beautiful place to spend a good few hours. It can be a touch busy but a five minute stroll up the coast line is worth it. Care should be taken amongst the icebergs and the waves, it is a big, big current running out of the glacial river and it would drag you out pretty quick if any one managed to slip in. health and safety rant over.


Here is a cheeky wee lass, resting up on the ice covered lagoon and having a good old scratch after chasing Capelin up into the glacial lagoon.


In other news loads of whoopers arriving daily along with a few sightings of pink foot and lots of Greylag geese.


Great Northern Diver! Stunning birds. A real pleasure to watch and hear, spotted on the journey south by Andy. The birds are also known as “loons” by the Canadians and Americans, the calls of the Great Northern Diver are really quite haunting.

Finally. Poor old Andy. He forgot to bring a cup or a spoon, so he used his Ray Mears skills to whittle a coffee cup. I am sure you will agree it is craftsmanship at its best.


After a day drinking coffee from an old fizzy pop bottle and listening to Ian become more and more like a bearded smeagle (see photo)


and putting up with Neil constantly talking about spotting King Eider talk Andy went to get his nice new sleeping bag and get into bed……. Sadly he discovered it had been left back at base! Foul play? *sniggers

At least he remembered to bring his snoring! which cheered us all up no end!

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