Text from the City




Back in Reykjavik today. We’ve completed our first task successfully, to capture the stunning landscape of Iceland in the winter. Tomorrow we head home for a few weeks before we start the next instalment of our journey in May.




Met up with some amazing people too, everyone in Iceland has been really welcoming and extremely helpful. When we return in May we are going to be working with Thor, our Eider contact. He and his wife Erna are lovely, full of stories of life in the wilderness here, Thor will be featuring pretty heavily in the coming weeks, a true Viking!!

Also met up with Orri Vigfusson, one of the most energetic environmentalists I’ve met. He was the founder of NASF, a body set up to preserve the Atlantic Salmon by the simple method of buying out the high seas netting operations. Sounds simple right? Not! its worth reading more about this vibrant campaigner here http://www.nasfworldwide.com particularly relevant if you live in Scotland (who along with Norway seem determined to plunder these fish from their ocean feeding grounds).

This doesn’t mean all will go quiet here, far from it, we are going to put up a couple of specific blogs detailing the kit we are using out here, hows its been working, its ups and down etc. And we will put a more in depth gallery of photographs that we’ve been taking (I say we, Ian won’t let us use his lovely Leica Monochrome so we are relegated to iPhones!) I have to say I do like the old iPhone though, especially with apps like snap seed and hipstamatic to play with.  I can’t remember which famous photographer it was that, when asked what was the best camera, said “the one you have on you”, i wouldn’t have snapped this without it, not the best but got the rainbow!



so far our tick list of wildlife has been Whales, Seals, Arctic Foxes, Icelandic Horses (much much more on these later!),

some unbelievable birds – Black Guillemot, Razor Bill, Kittiwake, Fulmar, Glaucous Gull, Gannet, Sea Eagle, Merlin, King Eider, Common Eider, Great Northern Diver, Red Breasted Merganser, Snow Bunting, Ptarmigan, Skua, Redwing, Fieldfare, Whooper Swan, Pink footed Gees, Greylag, Raven, Harlequin duck, long-tail duck,

oh and Ian is insisting on mentioning Black Headed Gulls, his favourite at Eastville park in Bristol. Check his Instagram feed and you’ll see  his fascination.

I couldn’t possibly mention Reykjavik without also mentioning the city wildlife!. This city is a huge party town! Friday night really kicks off at about midnight and doesn’t stop until dawn, seems like everyone is out to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, the atmosphere is fab, really friendly with great music pumping out of bars and lots of smiley faces….lots of hotdogs too!

anyway, stay tuned, we’ll try and entertain you with tales of derring do, filming escapades and some of the most fantastic wild landscapes and wildlife I’ve ever seen. Thankyou Iceland!







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