The Next Chapter…



After a short interlude back home in the UK, we’re back on the road around Iceland this week! really looking forward to it. We’re going to be there all summer, and got some amazing things to cover.

Iceland will be heading into Spring when we get back there, the weather (hopefully!) will have become a bit warmer and life in this arctic paradise will be preparing for the incredible rush to bloom, breed and live life to full in the short summer months.

Two of our main characters, the Arctic Foxes and Eider Duck, will be giving birth to their cubs and chicks down on the coast, Puffins will be burrowing and the Icelandic Horses will be foaling and preparing for turn out to their summer pastures up in the stunning highlands in the interior of Iceland.


arctic fox - canon




First off on our trip (once we’ve picked up and packed the tour bus from our good friends and fixers at True North in Reykjavik) will be up to the Westfjords to catch up with the Eiders nest building, then up to a little island called Grimsey (which straddles the Arctic circle) for puffins and Guillemot, then back to Hornstrandir for our Arctic foxes.

Along the way, we’ll be spending lot of time (and filming) the wonderful people of Iceland who are so deeply involved with these animals and the land that surrounds them. It never ceases to amaze me how human resourcefulness and tenacity can carve out a living from what seems like a totally inhospitable, albeit beautiful, environment. Respect to you Icelanders!


We’re really looking forward to spending some time focussing on the amazing scenery too. To be honest, Iceland has such stunning landscapes, it can be a little overwhelming to pick a shot, we’ll do a couple of posts that focus on landscape photography later on. And of course we will be posting the full breakdown of what exactly was in the 33 cases that we brought with us.

So stand by for more fun and games! We’ll be posting a lot with heaps of stills, stories and maybe the odd gull or two from Ian. We’d love it if you get in touch with messages here on the twitter and instagram feeds, and If you’re in Iceland and see a large grey Mercedes 4×4 van and 3 blokes looking confused and a little lost, stop and have a chat, we’ll even try and make you a cup of tea,


see you on the road!




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