a little clip in the meantime

Our plan for filming Eider nest building has taken a bit of a pause, largely because its a bit early and a bit chilly for them, so while we’re waiting for them to start nesting in earnest, we thought we’d put up a couple of clips on the blog to prove we are still doing something and haven’t slacked off entirely.

first up a shot of the hot springs

and next,  a few shots of some the very cute lambs from here in Reykholar. Tumi, the farmer who owns the land we’re staying on, and his family have been working day and night as its lambing season. The results of their endeavours are quite endearing! And for the lambs its definitely their first look at a GoPro..

good news is there are amazing numbers of birds massing on the shoreline, and feeding on the mudflats at low tide, a rough count would number the eider up in the thousands in this area alone. Birdlife here is extraordinary, more on that (and some interesting seaweed stories) later.


2 thoughts on “a little clip in the meantime

    1. stepsofgiants Post author

      they are aren’t they? new born and very curious, they’re keeping us entertained while we wait for the Eider to start nesting. Its a bit wet and windy today so the seaweed hot tubs are beckoning!


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