Reykholar, best birds and baths ever?



fulmar, leica

Reykholar has been a real treat for us this past week. It really is a birders paradise, and the sounds of roding snipe, Loons calling and Eider courting will live with us for a long long time. As it was our last day we had a bit of a treat, (its a must if you come up to this part of the Westfjords). Our hosts Tumi and Svanna run a little cafe here, (as it was still closed for winter they very kindly let us use the facilities) and a also a set of Hot Pots (hot tubs) into which they pour their own special mix of ground up seaweed. This makes the most amazing hot bath I have ever tried. The water is hot (90degrees) straight out of the ground from the hot springs, and, mixed with the seaweed, leaves your skin and your mind completely relaxed. It really is quite something to be sitting in a boiling hot bath, skin tingling, with the sound of Snipe, plover and Godwit all around. check out their site here!home/c16d8

….don’t miss it if you’re in the area!


Tumi filling the Hot Pot


the seaweed


Andy and Neil glad of a hot bath



We’ve seen some stunning birdlife here as I mentioned, and had some good results with the eider even though its a tad early for their main nesting activity, the rest of the birds are starting to nest in earnest now, all over the farmland. We obviously take very great care when walking around our filming positions as there are nests everywhere.






snipe nest


Red throated diver nest

for those of you into the specific species we’ve spent time with up here, in the past week we’ve seen

Eider Duck, Ptarmigan, Whimbrel, Black Tailed Godwit, Oyster Catcher, Knot, Golden Plover, Fieldfare, Ringed Plover, Red Throated Diver (37 on one lake!), Great Northern Diver, Harlequin Duck, Horned Grebe, Long Tailed Duck, Greylag Goose, Whooper Swan, Short Eared Owl, Gyr Falcon, Raven, Meadow Pipet, Wheatear, Redwing, Fieldfare, Snipe, Teal, Mallard, Arctic Tern, Arctic Skua, Sea Eagle

and Ians favourite…Black headed Gulls and Fulmars

heres a few piccies of some of them



Red Throated Diver, canon 200-400mm



Ptarmigan, male, hiding his white winter plumage!


Ptarmigan, female, summer plumage well on the way


Arctic Tern




Black Tailed Godwit


Plover and Knot


Greylag Goose, Canon

I can honestly say that if you are a birder and don’t come to this place, you’ve missed a spectacle

The Journey continues for us tomorrow as we set off at 3am for the ferry to Grimsey Island, which straddles the Arctic circle (warm gear packed). Grimsey holds some special filming opportunities for us, but more on that later…



Eider Tracks, Leica



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