40km off the north coast of Iceland lies the island of Grimsey, our home for the next week whilst we film the extraordinary seabird colonies here.

A small fishing community has scraped a living from the rich fishing grounds here for centuries, so filming the people is as always high on our priority list.

The journey over here was spectacular, we had left the comfort of our beds (and seaweed baths) in Reykholar at the unearthly hour of 2.30am to get to the ferry by 8.00am, boarded and set sail into flat calm waters and bright sunshine



leaving behind the snow covered mountains around Dalvik, our three hour crossing was a pleasure, whales abound around these waters, surprisingly close to shore, and we had 2 full breaches, 6 full tail dives from Humpbacks, numerous Minke surfacing, and lots of white beaked
dolphin. As per usual with whales,
getting a shot is another matter, especially with all our gear packed away in the van. At least that gives us something else to film though.


Grimsey is a lovely little island, and typical of most small communities, the 100 or so people here look after several different jobs, so our landlady here is also the bank manager, the egg collector is the island mechanic etc etc. everyone pitches in and does their bit. They have been incredibly warm and helpful, so we set off to film some general scenics and pretties safe in the knowledge that someone would come and find us when the egg collecting was going to start.



L1002324 L1002312


There are Puffins, Gulliemot, Razorbills, Arctic Tern and Eider in abundance here, no-one knows the exact number but its in excess of a million in peak season, so we’ll be posting more about them down the line

Needless to say, an old fishing community inside the arctic circle with millions of birds, has provided our scavenging photographic master Ian with plenty of opportunities. Ian has an ability to find beauty and dramatic detail anywhere, its a privilege to watch him at work, and of course see the results…


Waves and birds, Grimsey – Leica monochrome

fishing boats

boats in harbour, Dalvik. Leica monochrome


Birds, waves, cliffs Grimsey. Leica monochrome

we’re getting closer and closer to midsummer now, and hours of true darkness are few. For us, this can mean extremely long days, but its an absolute joy to be working in such wild beautiful place, especially when the suns out, or setting at 11pm!


Next for us is filming the egg collecting, a hair raising (for the collector, not for us, we’re safe up the top!) descent on a rope down these sheer cliffs…more on that later

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