Welcome to The Footsteps of Giants Blog

                                     I C E L A N D 

            One year-One film-One incredible Island


Ian Llewellyn – Cameraman – Photographer


Andy Chastney – Director


Neil Anderson – Assistant Cameraman

Join us on our journey into this spectacular living and breathing landscape. We are spending the next year making a film about the wildlife, people and landscape of Iceland.

If you are into landscape photography, wildlife film making, time-laspe, black and white photography, fly fishing, Icelandic music, ornithology, geology, drinking tea, three blokes living in a 4×4 and a few tents, the beautiful Icelandic landscape and it’s brilliant people, then this is the blog for you.

On this journey there will be up’s and downs, high and lows, good ol days and bad ol days! There is no doubt Neil will wear the same underpants for the whole journey and spend most of his time disappearing up the nearest mountain searching for spectacular landscapes to time-lapse. Neil will also be out filming behind the scenes stuff for this blog.  Andy will catch every fish known to Icelandic science and then probably catch them all again, and again and again! If he’s not fly fishing then he will be off directing, filming and photographing Icelanders (and probably going fishing afterwards). Ian will definitely fall in a ditch at some point, get lost, grow a beard, find his way back and get the 4×4 stuck. Then eat all the biscuits. He will spend every waking moment filming wildlife and taking his very unique style of black and white photographs whilst talking, mumbling and muttering to himself about stuff and nonsense.

We will be blogging about the people we meet, the animal characters which feature in our film, and the specialist kit we use to make it all happen. Plus we will look at the still cameras we are using for our own individual types of photography on this adventure. If you like photography, cameras, kit reviews, tips, techniques and wildlife film making then come with us on our journey to Iceland. This blog and our social media feeds like Instagram, Vimeo, twitter and You tube will be full of content about how this film is being made. It is a journey from start to finish and onto your Tele box in 2015.

On a mildly senior note, our small team is very experienced and has been involved in some huge Natural history TV series and films, and we have been fortunate to have worked on Bafta and Emmy award winning films. Neil has also won a 100m bronze swimming certificate and a silver coca cola gymnastic award. So hopefully we know what we are doing!

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