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Iceland – Land of Ice and Fire has a release date!

first off, apologies for the lack of activity on here for so long, many reasons, main one being that its been very time consuming going through the post production process! its not the most dynamic thing to watch either, a computer screen, but I will do a post on all the tech workflow in due course.

Anyway, the good news is that we have our transmission date set!!!!


It will be broadcast in the UK on May 1st, BBC2 at 9pm

title card

There will of course be a US release in due course on Animal Planet, as soon as I get it I’ll pass it on. in the meantime, here is a link through to The Natural World BBC website


and the BBC Earth website is always a good place to visit


The Natural World is one of the gems in the BBC’s Natural History Unit, its the longest running series from them in fact, making a dozen or so films every year on a huge range of subjects To them variety is the key, its not restricted to looking at one habitat, species or animal. Anything goes really, as long as it makes a decent film! Hopefully our film will live up to the high expectations, only the viewers can decide that, so tell all your friends and make a date for friday night BBC2 9pm!

You’ll meet the fox family, some very cute ducklings being trained by Thor and his family, the iconic and special Icelandic Horses with Halldor and Snorri, and of course the spectacular Bardarbunga eruption in all its nightime glory.

cubs 3 roundup 4 thor with ducks volc 3volcano 1

more details about extra clips coming soon!

The Next Chapter…



After a short interlude back home in the UK, we’re back on the road around Iceland this week! really looking forward to it. We’re going to be there all summer, and got some amazing things to cover.

Iceland will be heading into Spring when we get back there, the weather (hopefully!) will have become a bit warmer and life in this arctic paradise will be preparing for the incredible rush to bloom, breed and live life to full in the short summer months.

Two of our main characters, the Arctic Foxes and Eider Duck, will be giving birth to their cubs and chicks down on the coast, Puffins will be burrowing and the Icelandic Horses will be foaling and preparing for turn out to their summer pastures up in the stunning highlands in the interior of Iceland.


arctic fox - canon




First off on our trip (once we’ve picked up and packed the tour bus from our good friends and fixers at True North in Reykjavik) will be up to the Westfjords to catch up with the Eiders nest building, then up to a little island called Grimsey (which straddles the Arctic circle) for puffins and Guillemot, then back to Hornstrandir for our Arctic foxes.

Along the way, we’ll be spending lot of time (and filming) the wonderful people of Iceland who are so deeply involved with these animals and the land that surrounds them. It never ceases to amaze me how human resourcefulness and tenacity can carve out a living from what seems like a totally inhospitable, albeit beautiful, environment. Respect to you Icelanders!


We’re really looking forward to spending some time focussing on the amazing scenery too. To be honest, Iceland has such stunning landscapes, it can be a little overwhelming to pick a shot, we’ll do a couple of posts that focus on landscape photography later on. And of course we will be posting the full breakdown of what exactly was in the 33 cases that we brought with us.

So stand by for more fun and games! We’ll be posting a lot with heaps of stills, stories and maybe the odd gull or two from Ian. We’d love it if you get in touch with messages here on the twitter and instagram feeds, and If you’re in Iceland and see a large grey Mercedes 4×4 van and 3 blokes looking confused and a little lost, stop and have a chat, we’ll even try and make you a cup of tea,


see you on the road!




Humpbacks, seals and a homemade coffee cup

Eagled eyed Neil Anderson!
He does it again with a great spot about 100m off shore from Jokulsarlon ice lagoon a Humpback whale feeding on capelin amongst thousands of gulls, gannets, skua, ravens, common eiders, and three King eiders. A rare and special sighting so close to shore. Sadly a touch to far for the filming capability of the lens we have, but none the less a real treat to be able to sit back and watch a behemoth plough up and down amongst the swirl of crashing waves, ocean spray, icebergs, black volcanic sands and wonderful birds feasting on those little Capelin as seen below.


The coast line at the Jokulsarlon area is stunning. The pure black beaches are littered with chunks of ice, released from mighty Vatnajokul glacier, some are as big as a car, some as small, beautiful and intricate as a diamond.

It is fantastic to watch the ocean pound and smash into them and carve them into such unique and wonderful, colourful little sculptures. So many patterns, hues of colour, shapes and possibilities, a really beautiful place to spend a good few hours. It can be a touch busy but a five minute stroll up the coast line is worth it. Care should be taken amongst the icebergs and the waves, it is a big, big current running out of the glacial river and it would drag you out pretty quick if any one managed to slip in. health and safety rant over.


Here is a cheeky wee lass, resting up on the ice covered lagoon and having a good old scratch after chasing Capelin up into the glacial lagoon.


In other news loads of whoopers arriving daily along with a few sightings of pink foot and lots of Greylag geese.


Great Northern Diver! Stunning birds. A real pleasure to watch and hear, spotted on the journey south by Andy. The birds are also known as “loons” by the Canadians and Americans, the calls of the Great Northern Diver are really quite haunting.

Finally. Poor old Andy. He forgot to bring a cup or a spoon, so he used his Ray Mears skills to whittle a coffee cup. I am sure you will agree it is craftsmanship at its best.


After a day drinking coffee from an old fizzy pop bottle and listening to Ian become more and more like a bearded smeagle (see photo)


and putting up with Neil constantly talking about spotting King Eider talk Andy went to get his nice new sleeping bag and get into bed……. Sadly he discovered it had been left back at base! Foul play? *sniggers

At least he remembered to bring his snoring! which cheered us all up no end!

Iceland: Footsteps of Giants

Iceland: Footsteps of Giants!

Here we go!

After what seems like……A long old time……Andy*, Ian and Neil have finally got round to packing all that lovely camera kit into peli cases ready for the first filming trip to Iceland.

A special award goes to Andy who managed to buy energy bars which strongly resembled something that a labrador would leave behind during morning walkies! They tasted as bad as they looked.  Not surprisingly Ian ate the whole bar. Well, most of it, at least 40% of that nutritious bar ended up lodged in his beard.

The red bull flavoured triple caffeine powered turbo giant jelly beans tasted much better and probably contributed to Neils and Andy’s odd dance hall movements in that photo. Strong. 330B1637

Thats only a bit of our kit the other 24 cases are tucked up in the smallest van in the world.  We are still scratching our heads as to how we fitted 30 peli cases, soft bags, Jib, hot head and Neil’s collection of Barry Manilow CDs into that van…..


Neil’s, Barry Mailow CD collection takes up a lot of space.

Hang on. Where did Andy* go?

After noticing andy had disappeared, Neil and Ian carried on doing all the hard work. On re packing the tripod case we noticed a few items stashed inside…..Hidden like some contraband, a fly fishing rod and other fly fishing paraphernalia.  Tut tut Andy like no one would notice!

In other news, The film is being shot on the F55 which is lovely bit of kit and we are all looking forward to putting it through its paces and seeing what it can do. Neil is not allowed a go on the F55 until he apologises publicly for wearing those weird red shoes he had on today which resembled a tomato sauce pasty held together with elastic bands.

Iceland: Temperature up North has been a cold minus 30 on a few rare occasions of late and the North has also seen a large volume of snow dumping. It will be fun as we are heading up North. Fingers crossed for a spectacular display of Aurora Borealis as we head round Iceland.

Much more to follow soon